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We transport vehicles across the UK & can arrange world-wide. Contact us for a quote.



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From Smart Paint repairs, to Paintless Dent Removal (PDR).  Wheel refurbishment, headlamp restoration, total vehicle detailing, interior repairs and full vehicle painting - we do it all.

Vinyls & Tints

If you don't want

traditional bodyshop

services, we can wrap

your vehicle in the latest materials to change the whole look.  Alternatively individual panels can transform the vehicle such as a roof vinyl or we can design custom decals.

Using the same techniques, your vehicle windows can be tinted according to your exacting requirements.

Commercial vehicle wrapping is available to give you the edge over your competitors.



If you need a vehicle but don't want the hassle of searching for yourself?  Don't want to risk buying online? 

If you need your vehicle serviced, with a warranty, 12 month MOT, expertly prepared and delivered with a full tank of fuel?  Need part exchange & finance services?  If it's a yes and you want it benchmarked to Autotrader Average Market Price then get in touch - what's more our service is free!


Awooga specialise in upgrading your vehicle:  Audio/visual, Security, Sat Nav, Dash Cam, Tow Bars, Bodykits, Wheels, Turbos &


Superchargers, Remapping, Sunroofs and just about anything else you need us to do.


For specialist vehicles such as your classic or performance car, using our expert partners we can provide cost effective servicing to keep you on the road.  We collect & deliver back to further take the



We can source parts for your vehicle internationally and also 


 hassle out of caring for your most treasured possession.

manufacture new ones in almost any material.  Single units to bulk orders accepted.


If you need a vehicle from importing or have one that needs exporting from the UK?  Contact us to see how we can help.

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